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List of Winners: Annual Bruessard Award

Year Winner Reason for Selection Bio Link
2015 Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, MD They pledged to donate 99% of their shares in Facebook stock to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a charitable foundation to support various charitable causes with a focus on "personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities." Mark Zuckerberg
Priscilla Chan, MD
2016 Elon Musk He is being recognized for his visionary approach to reducing the human carbon-dioxide footprint and alleviating the global warming problem through, among other things, the production of environmentally friendly, electric-powered vehicles (EV). Ultimately, his aim is for humans to replace all pollution-emitting, gasoline-powered vehicles with clean-emission, electric-powered vehicles. Elon Musk
2017 Richard Stallman He is being recognized for pioneering the free and open source software movement. Richard Stallman
2018 Jeff Bezos He is being recognized because his launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) places him on the precipice of changing how the world performs business computing chores. Jeff Bezos

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Website General Website Credits

  1. Website domain by
  2. Website hosting by Amazon Web Services' S3:
    Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
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    Edward E. Bruessard
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    Edward E. Bruessard
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Home Home Page Credits

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    Free Vector by vecteezy
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  7. Clock and calendar by
    App | Clock with Date
  8. Countdown timer by Evgeny Mochkin:
  9. Countup timer by Alexander Wigmore:
    Javascript Countup Timer

2015 2015's Winner of the Annual Bruessard Award Page Credits

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    Background vector designed by Balasoiu -
  2. Aamir Afridi's jQuery.Marquee for scrolling text:
  3. Background image for scrolling marquee: | Hubble Illuminates Cluster of Diverse Galaxies
  4. Ray Harris' Carousel for rotating images:
    Murach's JavaScript and DOM Scripting
  5. Image for rotating carousel: | Pillars of Creation
  6. Image for rotating carousel: | A Brief Guide to Genomics: DNA, Genes and Genomes
  7. Image for rotating carousel: | Tree of Life
  8. Image for rotating carousel: | A Brief Guide to Genomics: DNA, Genes and Genomes
  9. Image for rotating carousel:
    Mark Zuckerberg
  10. Image for rotating carousel:
    Priscilla Chan

2016 2016's Winner of the Annual Bruessard Award Page Credits

  1. Nivo Slider Slideshow:
    Nivo Slider
  2. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Elon Musk by Steve Jurvetson
  3. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Headquarters by Windell Oskay
  4. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Roadster by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz)
  5. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Model S by Tesla Motors
  6. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Model X by Tesla Motors
  7. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
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  8. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Charging Station by Tesla Motors
  9. Image for Nivo Image Slider:
    Tesla Factory by Tesla Motors
  10. Image by
    Nozzles for Alternative Fuels
  11. Image by
    Green Vehicle Guide
  12. Data for USA Income Table by United States Census Bureau:
    Households by Total Money Income
  13. Image for Electric Cars Comparison Chart:
    Comparison of EPA Rated Range for Electric Cars Per Full Charge by Mariordo (Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz)
  14. Sorting Effects for Listing of Elon Musk's Awards:
    Metafizzy | Isotope
  15. Hover Effect for Tesla Logo:
    Design Shack
  16. Image for Logo:
    Tesla Logo by Tesla Motors

2017 2017's Winner of the Annual Bruessard Award Page Credits

  1. Richard Stallman Photo Montage:
    Photos — GNU MediaGoblin
  2. Promotional Video for Libreplanet 2016:
    Videos — GNU MediaGoblin
  3. Image of IBM Selectric II Typewriter:
    IBM Selectric II by Etan J. Tal
  4. Image of IBM PC:
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  5. Timeline of Microsoft Operating System:
    Timeline of Microsoft Operating System by Paulire
  6. Image of Windows Family Tree:
    Microsoft Windows Superfamily of Operating Systems by Kristiyan Bogdano
  7. Image of Apple II:
    Apple II PC by Marcin Wichary
  8. Image of Apple II Family System Software:
    Timeline of Apple II Family System Software
  9. Image of Macintosh Operating Systems:
    Timeline of Macintosh Operating Systems
  10. Development of a Salamander Video:
    Development of a Salamander
  11. Image of Tiger Salamander:
    Tiger Salamander
  12. Image of Linux Kernel:
    Linux Kernel by ScotXW
  13. Image of Popular Free Desktop Environments:
    Popular Free Desktop Environments by Kulandru mor
  14. Image of Conceptual Map of the FLOSS:
    Conceptual Map of the FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) by V A R G U X
  15. Image of Linux Distro Timeline:
    Linux Distro Timeline
  16. Image of Key Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems:
    Key Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems by Eraserhead1, Infinity0, and Sav_vas
  17. Image of Software Wars:
    Software Wars by Li-Cheng (Andy) Tai
  18. Image of Transistor Count and Moore's Law:
    Microprocessor Transistor Counts 1971 to 2011 and Moore's Law by Wgsimon
  19. Image of UNIX Timeline:
    UNIX Timeline by Guillem, Wereon, Hotmocha, and Christoph S.
  20. Image of Classification of (Software) Licenses:
    Classification of (Software) Licenses by shaddim / Mark Webbink
  21. Image of Free Software Licensing Spectrum:
    Free Software Licensing Spectrum by David A Wheeler
  22. Table for Popular Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Categories and Application:
    Datatables by Allan Jardine
  23. Map by NASA WorldWind
    NASA WorldWind
  24. PolarClock:
    PolarClock by Gabriel Bucknall
  25. Basic Calendar:
    Basic Calendar by Brian Gosselin
  26. Earth, Moon, Sun Dynamic:
    Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig
  27. Cycle2 Slideshow:
    Cycle2 Slideshow by Mike Alsup
  28. Images for Slideshow:
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Media Library
  29. Leaflet's Map of Night and Day on Earth:
    Map of Night and Day on Earth by Jorg Dietrich
  30. FSF Badges:
    FSF Badges
  31. GNU Art:
    GNU/Linux Art
  32. Image of Trisquel GNU/Linux OS (Operating System) Desktop:
    Trisquel GNU/Linux OS Desktop
  33. Image of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OS Desktop:
    Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OS Desktop
  34. Image of Open Source Fortran:
    Open Source Fortran
  35. Image of FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) Timeline:
    FLOSS Timeline by Vijaykumar
  36. Image of Celebrating 30 Years of GNU-Linux:
    Celebrating 30 Years of GNU Linux by Jasper Nuyens
  37. Richard Stallman's Photo:
    Richard Stallman

2018 2018's Winner of the Annual Bruessard Award Page Credits

  1. Under construction. ☼ Please check back later.

Feedback Feedback

  1. Image for Light Dispersion Conceptual Waves:
    Light dispersion conceptual waves
  2. Image for White Light Shines Through A Prism:
    White light shines through a prism
  3. Image for Wavelengths of Visible Light:
    Wavelengths of visible light
  4. Image for Rainbow Drawing:
    Rainbow drawing
  5. Image for Sir Isaac Newton's 1665 Experiment with Light:
    Sir Isaac Newton's 1665 experiment with light
  6. Image for Visible Light Experiment:
    Visible light experiment
  7. Image for Discovering Color With a Prism:
    Discovering color with a prism
  8. Image for Rainbow:
  9. Image for Why the Sky Is Blue:
    Why the sky is blue

U.C. Under Construction

  1. Countdown Timer by Danny Goodman:
    Countdown Timer
  2. Image for 4 Seasons:
  3. Image for Sun and Earth:
    Sun and Earth